The 6 Things Cats Understand About Website Optimization

The 6 Things Cats Understand About Website Optimization

Written by Bizperfect August 13, 2018

At SolicitiCloud, we love cats! Why? Because we love the Internet and 46% of the Internet is entirely cats. Additionally, I’ve been advised by our chief editor to include more of the following:

  1. Useful website knowledge
  2. Cats
  3. Humor
  4. Cheesy clickbait titles
  5. Complete lists


We take pride in overhauling websites from top-to-bottom to include all of the knowledge we learned about website design (from cats) and more. It’s time to take a cue from cats on how you can improve your website. We’re about to knock them all out of the park! Let’s get started.


  • Cats know that speed is important… 

Just because they like to sleep all day doesn’t mean they can’t move when they need to! Cats teach us that a website needs to move at lightning speed when someone is visiting it. Otherwise, people viewing your website will be like a cat with an old toy—if it stops moving, they lose interest.



  • Sometimes they don’t value safety until it’s too late

Alright—so this is one that cats can teach us from what they don’t understand. We all know that curiosity killed the cat. When it comes to websites, it’s a lack of security that can kill them. Cats are notoriously slipshod when it comes to maintaining their website’s security with industry standard security protocols. I don’t mean firewalls and malware protection. The actual coding of your website may be as flimsy against cyber attacks as a cardboard box!



  • They understand that a weak online presence means lost cash…

Cats patrol their territory regularly, and yet most humans only check the nuances of their website when it’s updated or once in a blue moon. Website owners are often business owners and professionals who bleed cash when they have weak coding, broken links, or rely on faulty servers. Smart people do what any clever cat would do: they use SolicitiCloud and get a website that truly provides a strong online presence.



  • They listen in on the competition…

It just takes too much time to keep an eye on how every competitor’s website is doing without using an automated software-service like Soliciti which also tracks basic SEO metrics of your website and compares them to your competitors’ websites. Soliciti is included in SolicitiCloud’s comprehensive website management package—pretty amazing deal if you ask me. But what do I know? I think catnip is pretty amazing too.



  • They don’t settle for low quality…

Websites with broken links, faulty code, or browser compatibility issues make the website’s owner look unprofessional and unprepared. Whether you’re a business owner, an organization leader, or any other kind of professional, you rely on your website for your income or your online reputation. Use an affordable website monitoring service that automates the process of checking that your website is always topnotch—services like these are included with SolicitiCloud.



  • Cats know how dangerous it is to crash…

Let’s face it. Cats love to sleep (who doesn’t?), but they know that with sleeping, can come dangers. They use their instincts and senses to determine if an area is safe for them to “crash”. This is not unrelated to their love of boxes and small enclosures (or heights, for that matter). When it comes to your website, there is no safe place to crash online! Like a mighty cheetah or a hyper housecat, you need your website up and running at all times. This basic principle is the most important when it comes to website optimization. Maybe it’s safe to say, we could all learn a thing or two from cats about website optimization.