Is Your Website Suffering From Poor Design Syndrome?

Is Your Website Suffering From Poor Design Syndrome?

Written by admin July 12, 2018

Poor website design is a major problem, period.

I have been doing website consultations for clients and prospects for a while now. I can say, with total confidence, that the current state of most business websites is abysmal (at best).

It’s not limited to any single industry either. I have consulted with dentists, lawyers, cleaners, e-commerce entrepreneurs–you name it.

The blame doesn’t fall squarely on you(well… maybe a little).

There are three main factors that explain why:

1) Too many website design companies and freelancers to choose from

2) Lack of knowledge and expertise

3) Treating website design as just an art project rather than a science

Time and time again, business owners excitedly learn that they need to get a website online if they want to be successful… The fear of missing out gnaws away at their brains until they finally get a hastily built website up…

Of course, these business owners are not website gurus–if they were, they wouldn’t be in this situation). So, they hire a friend or relative who is “good” with computers. Or they find a freelancer online and a website is delivered to them which looks flashy and cool …but that’s all it does.

Then they hear about digital marketing, social media advertising, Google Adwords…oh the agony…

They hire another company/person and pay them thousands of dollars to do “digital marketing” for them. They hear words like PPC, CTR and…the world spins as their heads swim…

As an example, a recent client of ours revealed that he is paying $10,000 a month for Google Ads and he has no idea what he is getting out it. But he kept at it anyway…why? Fear of missing out.

What ends up happening? Nothing. They don’t know how the money they spent is being utilized. Are they getting more customers? What is going on? Is the Earth actually flat? All the while they are just trying to run their business…

Does this sound like you?

If it does, your not alone. I truly believe this is an epidemic. With all the startups and new businesses that get launched every day and the ever-growing demand for websites and digital marketing, it was bound to happen.

So what can you do to save yourself from this chaos?

Chaos is a ladder…

You can do so in one secret single step that I am going to tell you…Sorry I couldn’t help it, wish it was that simple.

On a serious note, here are your options:

1) Educate yourself on website design and digital marketing and do it yourself

I know this is just a single line and a whole lot of “easier said than done”. It certainly requires quite a bit of studying and some practice.

This route is mostly for people who are just starting out and don’t really have the budget to hire. There are so many free resources out there that you can study and learn from. Also, with all the website builders out there, it’s quite possible to do it yourself. You can start with this simple guide.

You don’t need to become an expert, just  decent- learn enough that you can distinguish between bad and good (beyond intuitive visual appeal)

The caveat to this is the investment of time and effort. It’s very difficult to focus on your business, and at the same time, study and implement good website structuring. But it’s definitely possible.

2) Educate yourself and pass the reins to a trusted and experienced professional that reports results.

I think this is one of the better options, however, it does come with its own caveat.

First of all, you need to truly trust the professional, because jokes aside, it’s a mess out there. Genuine credibility can be based on past work, testimonials, and sometimes personal connections.

The second most important factor is that they need to provide you with results. Let me clarify.

If I say, “I will design your website so you’ll get more customers,” I need to provide proof.

As Tyrion Lannister so elegantly put it, “Words are wind”.

For example, we provide a monthly report to our clients so they can see their numbers and statistics. This way they would know that we are delivering what we promised.

Hold people/companies accountable, whether it be design or digital marketing. In order to do so, you need some level of knowledge.

At the very least, I urge all of you to have a professional examine your website. There are companies that offer free consultations (we certainly do). Capitalize on them.

Too many businesses are bleeding a significant amount of cash because of poor website design. Don’t be one of them. Be the exception who succeeds.