Make sure the content fits

Make sure the content fits

Written by admin July 25, 2018

A website is only as good as its content. The best designers and coders can’t do anything for a website if its content doesn’t nudge the users to convert.

Content that converts and helps your SEO is simple and direct. Learn to write complicated concepts in as few words as possible.

Here are a few steps to writing good content for your website:

1. Have a goal in mind

Know the purpose of the page you’re writing for. You may have all sorts of cool ideas for your content; don’t use them if they don’t further your purpose. Just keep the goal in mind and don’t let anything else clutter the content. Make a checklist to make sure you touch on all the important points that you planned out.

2. Just write

Start writing everything out. If what you’re writing falls under the goal and your checklist, don’t hesitate to type it out. Don’t worry if it gets too long.

3. Cut it down

Take a harsh look at what you wrote. If a sentence isn’t necessary, cut it out. Don’t leave anything in your content that will distract the reader from the point you want to make. You may cut more than 50 percent of the text you worked so hard to write, but it will make your content better in the end.

4. Review, edit, repeat

Review your work to make sure it makes sense. Does it follow a logical progression? Are there any complicated words that need to be explained? Did you meet all the points in your checklist?

Stay tuned for future posts on how to write content that will bring value to your website.