Make a plan to measure conversions

Make a plan to measure conversions

Written by admin July 27, 2018

It always feels good to get more traffic, but views are less important than conversions. A conversion is each time a user fulfills an action you designated.

Traffic can be unreliable.

A marketing campaign could bring a lot of traffic, but it won’t matter if that traffic doesn’t convert. You don’t want ballet dancers visiting your boxing gear website. They probably won’t buy what you’re selling.

By measuring conversions, you can tell if you’re attracting the right traffic or not. You can also measure design changes to see how they contribute to conversions.

Most analytics and advertising services offer embed codes that help you measure conversions. These codes track users to see how they interact with your website after they get there.

These services can only measure conversions if you have a designated page or button that indicates a conversion has occurred. Pasting code on a page that comes after a conversion is the easiest way to do this.

Plan ahead to make sure users go to a designated page directly after they convert. Use this page as a reference to know when you get a conversion.