7 Steps for Successfully Marketing Your Business

7 Steps for Successfully Marketing Your Business

Written by admin September 12, 2018

This is the steps that we use for our clients to bring them online success and increase their client base. I hope it does the same for you.

Despite contrary belief, marketing is not a one-step process, there are 7 steps that need to be taken.

Your job is to move prospects seamlessly and subtly through each phase of the Customer Value Journey (which I will refer to as CVJ).

Step 1: Increase Awareness

increase awareness

The first step is to bring awareness of your product/service. Initially when you start only a few people know who you are and what you do.

It’s critical to understand that at this stage you are not trying to sell, you are just letting people know that you exist.

One of the best ways to do so is through Facebook/Instagram advertising. Even with small budgets you can achieve thousands of views and a good amount of awareness.

Step 2: Engage Prospects

engage prospects

Now that people know who you are, you need to create some communication, some engagement, break the ice. Again the goal here is not to sell, you want to increase trust and engage.

You can do so by posting interesting and useful content like blog posts, videos. Another great tool for engagement which works really well is giveaway contests. Get people to engage and talk with you.

For example for one of our clients who was hosting a conference, we generated engagement by creating a contest and gave away 2 free tickets. Many people participated and shared our content.

Step 3: Generate Leads

generate leads

Just because someone on facebook or instagram liked one of your posts or read one of your blogs, doesn’t mean that they will remember to revisit your website. That is why you need them to subscribe to your mailing list or give you their information in some other format.

There are different methods you can use here. Offer your prospects a free guide, something valuable.

Step 4: Convert to Customers

dating, man and woman laughing together in restaurant, happy couple drinking coffee and eating breakfast

Now that your prospects trust you to some extent and have given you some of their information (you have their number in the dating analogy), it’s time to offer them an entry-point offer.

It’s crucial to understand that the goal of the entry-point offer is not to make you profits, but to change a prospect into a customer (profit comes later).

These offers should bring tremendous value while being very low priced. You want to keep it under 20 dollars. If you ask for higher amounts, you asking for too much of an investment too soon.

The goal is to offer a service/product without much resistance and show them how good you are.

Step 5: Excite Customers

At this stage you want to excite and motivate your customers that just bought their first product/service from you. So this is the time that you need to deliver, make it as amazing as you possible can. This is an investment, all your hard work hinges on this.

Step 6: Profit

Driving into the Sunset

So until now it’s just been investment of time and money. Here is where all your work will pay off.

In this stage your customer is really satisfied (I hope) with your service/product and is ready to take their engagement to the next level. This is where you offer them your main product. Even when they buy your main product you can offer them side products.

As a side note: If your product/service is low quality, good marketing will just help your business fail faster. Because you will cause a lot of awareness and hype and then disappoint. Keep that in mind.

Step 7: Advocate

Have your customers become your advocates, sometimes this happens naturally when your product/service is really good, however there are ways you can promote it.

You can send emails requesting reviews, or do contests to have people take pictures with your products etc.. the possibilities are endless.

That’s it, follow these steps sequentially and you will surely succeed.


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I would also be happy to take any questions you may have via email at info@soliciticloud.com or through replies here.

Happy Hustling. Don’t give up on your dream.

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